update for a cold January

Just thought I’d throw a quick update together because it’s been a while.

As usual I’ve been steadily adding comics to the collection and it’s actually starting to grow rather nicely.

my collection as of Jan 2014

my collection as of Jan 2014

I’ve had to expand my Image section quite a bit because they keep putting out such high-quality books. Right now I can think of at least six that are worth checking out. For now here are a few that are on my reading list at the moment just on the Image side of things. Later ill expand on these but for now, the highlights in list form:

1 – Saga
2 – Morning Glories
3 – Sex Criminals
4 – East of West
5 – Manifest Destiny
6 – Rocket Girl
7 – Pretty Deadly
8 – Alex + Ada
9 – Black Science
10 – Ten Grand

I’ve also picked up a few cool autographs that ill be posting about soon. Ive been putting off that post i the hops that one or two i have on order would show up but patience is a virtue when dealing with pre-order deals 🙂

Non-comics wise, things march ever on: work is long, tiring, stressful and not at all what i want to be doing with my life. not that its a bad job, far from it. its a very nice working environment, nice people, nice owner, nice pay…it’s just not where i need to be and that’s causing me some stress/anxiety problems. Thankfully nothing as bad as it has been.


A few friends and i have been playing weekly games of Star Wars X-Wing and we have really come to love it – its a table-top, miniatures based ‘dog-fighting’ game featuring ships from Star Wars. Its a lot of fun and it helps that the little ships are ultra-detailed and have inspired a bunch of players to repaint their ships with their own team colors or just a different color scheme all together: it’s something i would like to try but i have never done any kind of painting like that before. it would be a challenge but fun nonetheless.

i really need a car. i miss being able to take day trips out of town from time to time. i haven’t been to Magic Mountain in years and i really need a trip…soon. I miss rollercoasters badly. That’s my therapy and after my heart attack i wasn’t sure if i would be allowed on them again. I’d kind of like to ride a few more before i have another and i’m REALLY not going to be able to ride one.

And now its time to enjoy whats left of my weekend. I really need to be doing some cleaning but i just feel like being lazy and reading while on the couch. Ive been putting off giving the dog a bath – if nothing else i should do that today. Mabey is not a big fan of the bath and she’s a powerful little doggy so when she doesn’t want to be somewhere, she lets you know. I think both of us will be getting a bath.




collection update: autographs

ok i think it’s time for an update…

i’ve added a TON of cool stuff to the collection over the last few months and there are definitely a few highlights i want to show off.

I wish i knew more people that read comics. i used to be friends with quite a few comic readers but not so much anymore; shit, i took 15 years off myself. Online communities are not the same – i cant seem to enjoy any of them. its not the same as being in the same room with someone showing them the latest cool art or messed up story line.

but i digress…

Lets talk about autographs…

ive taken to collecting signed comics when i can find good deals. The more popular the artist, the more the autograph will go for. Stan Lee for example – no less than $300. Get that shit graded and you’re looking at closer to $500.

Besides getting a comic graded and ‘encapsulated’ by a company like CGC, the other aspect of improving a signed comics value is to have a certificate of authenticity

Mark Millar is a name that is well regarded in the comics industry. He created the very popular series Kick-Ass and had a very memorable run on The New X-Men. Recently he was tapped to be a consultant on the X-Men movies for Fox (Fox owns the movie rights to Marvels Mutant population) which should make for better X-Men movies (let’s not mention X-3).

He recently launched a new series for Image called Jupiter’s Legacy which sees what happens when the 2nd generation of superheroes are the same spoiled, narcissistic bastards that populate the real world. At least that’s the set up. It’s only 3 issues in and it looks like the direction the comic is going isn’t completely clear yet. Issue 3 had a big shocker that kinda changed the dynamic of the story.

Jupiter's Legacy 1, Midtown Comics variant, signed by Mark Millar

Jupiter’s Legacy 1, Midtown Comics variant, signed by Mark Millar

Midtown recently had a special to benefit one of Mr Millar’s School Funds selling Jupiter’s Legacy Midtown Comics variant cover signed by Millar. I had ordered it but had to send it back due to the excessive damage it had when i got it. Luckily Midtown is a really cool company and they sent me a new one when i sent them photos of the damage.

Dynamic Forces, another really cool company, recently had a sale of some signed X-Factor comics by writer Peter David that i had to get 2 of because the price was right and it included numbered COA’s.

X-Factor 200 signed

X-Factor 200 signed

X-Factor 200 - signed by writer Peter David

X-Factor 200 – signed by writer Peter David

Mr. David just finished a well regarded run on the current X-Factor series and it sounds like he will be writing the new Marvel Now version that being relaunched soon. He knows these characters like no one else and fans are very happy he is sticking around.

Another Dynamic Forces find is an Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake cover that was ‘remarked’ (or drawn on) by artist Ken Haeser. I love both the cover and the sketch he did. I had to wait a few months for this one to be delivered.

Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake #1 w/ sketch by Ken Haeser

Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake #1 w/ sketch by Ken Haeser

A lot of specials from DF are advance orders and this one took months to finally be delivered. i have several more that im waiting to be delivered too. Hopefully soon cause i have some very cool stuff i’d like to get my hands on.

Next up, one of my favorite series right now, Morning Glories. I was able to get signed copies of an issue that was recalled due to a printing error. There was no COA with this set, but since the price was right i decided to grab it up especially since there were 2 issues included in the sale – the error version and the corrected version both signed by the artist, Joe Eisma.

Morning Glories 26, error and corrected version, signed by the writer.

Morning Glories 26, error and corrected version, signed by the artist.

i really like this series. It’s one of the titles i’m trying to get a complete run of and i’m actually dangerously close to doing so. I recently acquired issue #1 and that was the biggest roadblock – i was sure when i got it, i would have to pay upwards of $50 and i ended up paying half that.

Morning Glories #1!

Morning Glories #1!

Ten Grand is another new series from Image (they are on fire right now) that is only a few issues in but has a lot of promise. Mainly this is due to the writer, J Michael Straczynski, who has a long history writing in just about every medium in pop culture.


It’s a series like Jupiter’s Legacy that’s only a few issues in but shows promise. The story goes a mob enforce gets taken out and gets a new deal. Kill for the underworld and get 5 minutes with his slain love. The first few issues are out and so far so good…

Finally for the autographs are my newest additions, and ones i was most happy to add to my collection: 2 Marvel Now Skottie Young covers signed by Mr. Young with COA’s for both. It worked out that the X-Men cover in particular is one of my favorites so i was more than happy to get a certified signature on a copy. A poster exists of the cover and i wouldn’t mind having it on my wall. it’s worth framing.

skottie young sigs

skottie young sigs

If you don’t know, Skottie is a great artist/writer with a very distinctive style and has been doing ‘baby’ variant covers for all the Marvel Now titles. It’s taken me a while but i finally got all of the first wave covers and have a good jump on the 2nd wave.

complete Young Marvel now covers

complete Young Marvel now covers

next time we’ll talk about some of the new, stand-out series that are on the shelves currently. I keep telling anyone who will listen that some really excellent fiction is going down in the comics world currently and shouldn’t be looked down upon as a realm of children or geeks; especially since some of those new titles includes a superhero who gets is powers from large amounts of drugs or alcohol, a world where the Gods of old return, and one where a couple who can stop time with their orgasms use that ability to rob banks…

…good stuff 🙂

collection update, pt 3

Here we are for another update to my comic book collection version 2.0. To re-cap, i quit collecting in the mid-90’s due to money issues and a sharp decline in quality from the titles i read regularly. Lately tho i’ve gotten back into it and my collection has been growing nicely in size and diversity: there are new titles that i once never cared for, independent publishers with really interesting books and the funds to support the habit to some extent.

so, here are the last few ebay purchases i’ve made over the last 3 months. Enjoy and as always, feedback and comments are always welcome!

All New X-Men

#1-3 of All New X-Men by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen +#1 Deadpool variant

First off some Marvel Now! titles from the last 2 months. First up are the first 3 issues of The All New X-Men written by Brian Michael Bendis and is so far really good. The premise was a little iffy (the first class of X-Men get time-displaced into the modern day and are horrified with the world the see before them.) I wasn’t sure about the idea at first but the way they did it was pretty cool and so far im on board with it. It doesn’t hurt that Stuart Immonen’s art is beautiful and dynamic.

Marvel Now Nov/Dec titlesq

more Marvel Now titles from the last 2 months that have impressed me.

The Marvel Now relaunch continues with the new Captain America, X-Men Legacy, Deadpool and Iron Man books which are all really cool. Marvel has managed to get me reading titles i never have before due to the new creative teams involved. the most surprising have been the FF book, Thor, and The Avengers; three titles i never cared for or read in the past. Thor especially was incredibly interesting and the painted art was gorgeous.

Morning Glories

Morning Glories; described as “Runaways meets Lost”

I found a seller on ebay that had most of the issues of Morning Glories i was missing (not hard since i only had a few) averaging about $3 an issue, well below the ebay norm. The top row however are within the first 5 issues so they were a little more but the seller was letting them go really cheap and they are damn near mint. i was really happy to find them and pretty much snatched up all the issues he was offering. I think after my next payday i’m going to find a seller with a good deal on the first issue which is going to set me back somewhere in the $20-30 range, $60-100 if i want to get it CGC graded and protected; which i haven’t decided if i want to do yet.

Avengers vs X-Men Team variants

Avengers vs X-Men Team variants – 7 sets of 12

Here we have the Avengers vs X-Men ‘team’ variant covers ive gotten my hands on. They did 2 team covers for each issue so there are 12 total sets and im missing 3 of them which i will probably pick up next week if i can find a deal. A lot of comic fans didn’t like the crossover event – but then again, comic book fans are a fickle bunch sometimes. I love the X-Men when in the hands of a good writer and this crossover left me satisfied. 🙂

Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap – another amazing title from Image Comics

Mind the Gap is a crazy title from Image (Morning Glories, Walking Dead…) that bears checking out. Its only on issue 6 so collecting what ive missed so far hasn’t been too difficult.

Mind The Gap #3 - Skottie Young cover

Mind The Gap #3 – variant by Skottie Young

Skottie Young is an amazing artist who, right now, is making a decent name for himself for a number of projects but Marvel has him doing variant covers for all of the Marvel Now launch titles. Ive decided to get them all and i’ve just about done it (next photo). Here is a variant cover for Mind the Gap #3 he did that is a good example of his style. Its really unique and sometimes whimsical. Here are the Marvel Now covers i have acquired so far. i have like 3 more on the way…:

Skottie Young covers

a selection of Marvel Now Skottie Young variant covers

finally is a variant cover from the Avengers vs X-Men VS series celebrating the 50th anniversary of Spiderman featuring an homage to Peter Parkers first lost love, Gwen Stacey. I saw it and thought it was a beautiful cover so when i found a killer deal on it, i snatched it up.


That’s all for now, next time, some more Marvel Now launch titles, some more indy comics and of course, more X-Men 🙂 So till then, happy reading and be sure to support your local comic shop!