Collection Update: A+X collage variants complete!

Ive been meaning to work this into another post but while cleaning up my desktop this pic was still hanging around so i thought i’d throw it up here real fast and give it its own post.

In the wake of the Avengers Vs. X-Men crossover, people liked the idea of the X and A team-up potential and there has not been a book like that really since “Marvel Team-Up featuring Spider-Man” was canned in ’85.

So when the big cross-over was done Marvel kept the fun and action going with a book called A+X which features 2 self-contained (for the most part) stories featuring characters from both spheres of the Marvel Universe with a new creative team behind each story.

A+X #1-2 Regular Covers. LOVE that Bachalo Rogue and Black Widow cover :)

A+X #1-2 Regular Covers. LOVE that Bachalo Rogue and Black Widow cover 🙂

One of the incentive covers for the new series were the ‘interlocking covers to form a bigger image’ which im a big fan of. This wasn’t one of the cheaper variant covers but i was patient and waited for deals to pop up on eBay and Midtown. Finally the last one came out and i scooped it up in a TFAW sale a few months ago.

A+X #1-4 Connecting Incentive covers.

A+X #1-4 Connecting Incentive covers. Ignore that $12 sticker…

So there you have it – Avengers + X-Men connecting covers. One of my favorite tricks to get you to buy variants cause it usually results in some cool art. The one they did a few years ago for the mini-series X-Men: Schism turned out really cool…

X-Men: Schism #1-5 variant connecting covers

X-Men: Schism #1-5 variant connecting covers

Fluffy was trying to help when i was taking pics for the post. She means well but she’s probably the worse photo assistant ever. Besides walking into shots she has no thumbs and can’t walk upright, much less carry gear.What am i even paying her for?

Fluffy is 'helping' me take pics...

you need me standing right here in the shot, right?

till next time!