Collection Update: A+X collage variants complete!

Ive been meaning to work this into another post but while cleaning up my desktop this pic was still hanging around so i thought i’d throw it up here real fast and give it its own post.

In the wake of the Avengers Vs. X-Men crossover, people liked the idea of the X and A team-up potential and there has not been a book like that really since “Marvel Team-Up featuring Spider-Man” was canned in ’85.

So when the big cross-over was done Marvel kept the fun and action going with a book called A+X which features 2 self-contained (for the most part) stories featuring characters from both spheres of the Marvel Universe with a new creative team behind each story.

A+X #1-2 Regular Covers. LOVE that Bachalo Rogue and Black Widow cover :)

A+X #1-2 Regular Covers. LOVE that Bachalo Rogue and Black Widow cover πŸ™‚

One of the incentive covers for the new series were the ‘interlocking covers to form a bigger image’ which im a big fan of. This wasn’t one of the cheaper variant covers but i was patient and waited for deals to pop up on eBay and Midtown. Finally the last one came out and i scooped it up in a TFAW sale a few months ago.

A+X #1-4 Connecting Incentive covers.

A+X #1-4 Connecting Incentive covers. Ignore that $12 sticker…

So there you have it – Avengers + X-Men connecting covers. One of my favorite tricks to get you to buy variants cause it usually results in some cool art. The one they did a few years ago for the mini-series X-Men: Schism turned out really cool…

X-Men: Schism #1-5 variant connecting covers

X-Men: Schism #1-5 variant connecting covers

Fluffy was trying to help when i was taking pics for the post. She means well but she’s probably the worse photo assistant ever. Besides walking into shots she has no thumbs and can’t walk upright, much less carry gear.What am i even paying her for?

Fluffy is 'helping' me take pics...

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collection update 4, part 1

Well my little collection is growing and growing! (its almost like i was building stock for a future store or something… πŸ˜‰ When i re-started the collection late last year, i had one short box and one long box. The current state of affairs are a little bigger…

The current state of the collection

the collection: 3-3-13

Probably the biggest news in Marvel recently were the events of the end of The Amazing Spider-Man. With the normal practice of releasing variant covers for big events jacked up to 11 due to the one-two punch of the end of the series and the ‘death’ of Peter Parker, there were plenty of alternate covers and expensive ‘incentive’ editions for collectors.

Besides the 700th issue there were four ‘regular’ (ie: under $50) alternate covers to the book that I was able to find as a collection on eBay for a reasonable price before they were released. Soon after they actually came out the same set of five covers tripled in price on ebay.

ASM - The End

The Amazing Spider-Man, lead-up to #700 + alt covers

I wanted to have them professionally graded and encapsulated but a small flaw on each of the spines would ensure the higher grade that would be needed to justify the extra expense of the grading process would not be achieved; Without that high 9.8 or 9.9 grading there would be no purpose since why buy a lower grade when there are higher grades available?

On the top row is the run-up to the final issue – 698-700 – and the big revelation of Peter Parker and Dr. Octopus now sharing Parker’s body through a last ditch brain transfer from a dying Octatius.

Its a story that has fans sharply divided but im liking it so far as it has transitioned into the new title, The Superior Spider-Man which Octavius swore he would become; a better, smarter, SUPERIOR version of the web-slinging wall-crawler he’s now forced to be.

superior sm

The Superior Spider-man #1

Dan Slott, the writer that has taken Peter Parker/Spider-Man through the last 5 years of stories has taken a lot of shit for his direction on the book but you cant say he’s a boring writer!

Midtown Comics was offering copies of Superior SM #1 signed by Slott and i had to grab a pair; one first printing, one second.

SSM 1 signed

Superior Spider-man #1 – Signed by writer Dan Slott

Dan Slott autograph

Dan Slott autograph

Incidentally, these are the first autographed comics that are “certified” that i have acquired; the other ones i have had signed personally at conventions but it was before the days of certifying convention autographs.

and just cause i love redheads, here is a recent purchase featuring a cute-as-hell Mary-Jane… πŸ™‚

I love this cover

I love this cover…i love redheads

Two of the hallmarks of the Marvel Now relaunch for me have been the striking covers and the writers making me care about characters i have previously disregarded. Case in point – The Mighty Thor and Hawkeye. Ive never disliked these characters, but they have never really done much for me. Not true with these Marvel Now relaunches. Both series boast striking artwork, amazing covers and engaging stories – Hawkeye especially is surprisingly low-key and personal. What does a non-superpowered Avenger do on his downtime anyway?

More cool covers from series i didn't care for before

More cool covers from series i didn’t care for before

Another thing Marvel has been doing a lot of are connecting covers. The first two of Thor create a cool 2-cover piece of art…

Thor #1-2 joined covers

Thor #1-2 joined covers

In the realm of cool covers and normally unexplored books, the Young Avengers book is off to a great start so far. I picked up an ebay auction for all four ‘regular’ covers for the first issue which included the blank convention cover, the Skottie Young (which i was getting anyway: see below) and a cover by Scott Pilgrim artist/creator Brian Lee O’Malley that i really liked…

Young Avengers #1 covers

Young Avengers #1 covers

X-Men: Legacy pre-Marvel Now was mostly focused on Rogue but this new re-launch has Prof. Xaiver’s son Legion in the spotlight as he comes to terms with his awesome, reality-altering abilities, splintered personality and his place in a world where his father was struck down by an insane Cyclops, all but destroying any hope for the dream of human-mutant co-existence.

X-Men Legacy covers

X-Men Legacy covers

I’m still warming to this book but now that he is interacting with the rest of the x-Men again, it’s starting to turn into an interesting series.

Marvel is keeping with the release of a Skottie Young baby cover variant for each Marvel Now launch title and there have been some really cool releases.

Skottie Young Covers

Some of my favorite Skottie Young Marvel Now covers

I’ve pretty much collected all the ones that are already out but with more new titles launching for the next few months, the project is not over yet! Some really cute ones on the way, too!

….next time, part two featuring the All New X-Men, the replacement to the Fantastic Four and a bunch of independent releases including Morning Glories, It Girl! and newcomers to the collection and really good series, Ghostbusters and Adventure Time!

collection update, pt 3

Here we are for another update to my comic book collection version 2.0. To re-cap, i quit collecting in the mid-90’s due to money issues and a sharp decline in quality from the titles i read regularly. Lately tho i’ve gotten back into it and my collection has been growing nicely in size and diversity: there are new titles that i once never cared for, independent publishers with really interesting books and the funds to support the habit to some extent.

so, here are the last few ebay purchases i’ve made over the last 3 months. Enjoy and as always, feedback and comments are always welcome!

All New X-Men

#1-3 of All New X-Men by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen +#1 Deadpool variant

First off some Marvel Now! titles from the last 2 months. First up are the first 3 issues of The All New X-Men written by Brian Michael Bendis and is so far really good. The premise was a little iffy (the first class of X-Men get time-displaced into the modern day and are horrified with the world the see before them.) I wasn’t sure about the idea at first but the way they did it was pretty cool and so far im on board with it. It doesn’t hurt that Stuart Immonen’s art is beautiful and dynamic.

Marvel Now Nov/Dec titlesq

more Marvel Now titles from the last 2 months that have impressed me.

The Marvel Now relaunch continues with the new Captain America, X-Men Legacy, Deadpool and Iron Man books which are all really cool. Marvel has managed to get me reading titles i never have before due to the new creative teams involved. the most surprising have been the FF book, Thor, and The Avengers; three titles i never cared for or read in the past. Thor especially was incredibly interesting and the painted art was gorgeous.

Morning Glories

Morning Glories; described as “Runaways meets Lost”

I found a seller on ebay that had most of the issues of Morning Glories i was missing (not hard since i only had a few) averaging about $3 an issue, well below the ebay norm. The top row however are within the first 5 issues so they were a little more but the seller was letting them go really cheap and they are damn near mint. i was really happy to find them and pretty much snatched up all the issues he was offering. I think after my next payday i’m going to find a seller with a good deal on the first issue which is going to set me back somewhere in the $20-30 range, $60-100 if i want to get it CGC graded and protected; which i haven’t decided if i want to do yet.

Avengers vs X-Men Team variants

Avengers vs X-Men Team variants – 7 sets of 12

Here we have the Avengers vs X-Men ‘team’ variant covers ive gotten my hands on. They did 2 team covers for each issue so there are 12 total sets and im missing 3 of them which i will probably pick up next week if i can find a deal. A lot of comic fans didn’t like the crossover event – but then again, comic book fans are a fickle bunch sometimes. I love the X-Men when in the hands of a good writer and this crossover left me satisfied. πŸ™‚

Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap – another amazing title from Image Comics

Mind the Gap is a crazy title from Image (Morning Glories, Walking Dead…) that bears checking out. Its only on issue 6 so collecting what ive missed so far hasn’t been too difficult.

Mind The Gap #3 - Skottie Young cover

Mind The Gap #3 – variant by Skottie Young

Skottie Young is an amazing artist who, right now, is making a decent name for himself for a number of projects but Marvel has him doing variant covers for all of the Marvel Now launch titles. Ive decided to get them all and i’ve just about done it (next photo). Here is a variant cover for Mind the Gap #3 he did that is a good example of his style. Its really unique and sometimes whimsical. Here are the Marvel Now covers i have acquired so far. i have like 3 more on the way…:

Skottie Young covers

a selection of Marvel Now Skottie Young variant covers

finally is a variant cover from the Avengers vs X-Men VS series celebrating the 50th anniversary of Spiderman featuring an homage to Peter Parkers first lost love, Gwen Stacey. I saw it and thought it was a beautiful cover so when i found a killer deal on it, i snatched it up.


That’s all for now, next time, some more Marvel Now launch titles, some more indy comics and of course, more X-Men πŸ™‚ So till then, happy reading and be sure to support your local comic shop!