Collection addition, part 1


first new comics in 20 years


So for a few reasons after 20 years I decided to get back into comics. Last payday I hit eBay and bought my first books in 2 decades.

Here are some details to go along with the photo.

Enjoy and please feel free to comment below. Thanks!

I got the last half of the current Avengers vs X-Men series that finishes next week…the series that just killed a OLD og character, possibly for good tho x-men usually don’t stay dead long buzz is though Marvel is going to keep this character dead. Ill be getting the first half and the final issue, #12 next week along with som cool variants.

i got the 2 #1’s from the title relaunches last year (‘Uncanny X-Men’ and ‘Wolverine and the X-Men’) and the Regenisis one-shot that told the story of how the x-men from each book sided with either cyclops or logan in their ‘schism’

got a lot purchase of New X-Men written by Grant Morrison. Need a few gaps filled but i got most of his run on the series. The art by Quietly took some getting used to but I ended up liking it in the end.

at the bottom, 2 issues of the Spider-Men series that crosses over the regular Marvel Universe Peter Parker Spider-Man we all know and love with Marvels ‘Ultimate’ universe spider-man, Miles Morales. I picked up 4 and 5 (of 5) at the local shop, Heroes Comics here in Fresno, CA. I have the first issue as well as a variant on the way.

(It was funny watching news agencies report that peter parker was killed off just to get some brown kid in the mantle…To paraphrase the Holy Trilogy, “This is not the Spider-Man you are looking for…” )

finally, Highly Worshipped in Geekdom Joss Whedon did a run on the first 2 years of The Astonishing X-men that was really good and i picked up 4 colorful ‘variant’ cover issues from the middle of that run. I don’t normally worship at the cult of Whedon but his writing on the x-book was fantastic!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this update. If there is interest or feedback, I’ll post another next week when the next batch comes in. I got some Walking Dead (HOT COMIC!!!), some Morning Glories (another great Image title) and a few more goodies 🙂 I also pre ordered some upcoming titles I’ll talk about next time.

I need to go to bed, it’s freakin 5am… I have to open the lab at 10:30. Ugh. So anyway, till then, remember to support your local comic shop and have a great weekend!



Home Depot / Lowes

I dont see them advertising it or making a big deal about it at all but these large home repair stores are starting to offer free wifi. This is nice if you want to research something in the store or, like me presently, sitting out front using it cause mine is currently down at the house.

Im glad more and more places are offering this relatively inexpensive service to their customers. Tho most people have smartphones now, for those of us who carry our wifi-only iPad, its nice to be able to get online if you need to.

So kudos, and thanks for being cool, Home Depot.