update for a cold January

Just thought I’d throw a quick update together because it’s been a while.

As usual I’ve been steadily adding comics to the collection and it’s actually starting to grow rather nicely.

my collection as of Jan 2014

my collection as of Jan 2014

I’ve had to expand my Image section quite a bit because they keep putting out such high-quality books. Right now I can think of at least six that are worth checking out. For now here are a few that are on my reading list at the moment just on the Image side of things. Later ill expand on these but for now, the highlights in list form:

1 – Saga
2 – Morning Glories
3 – Sex Criminals
4 – East of West
5 – Manifest Destiny
6 – Rocket Girl
7 – Pretty Deadly
8 – Alex + Ada
9 – Black Science
10 – Ten Grand

I’ve also picked up a few cool autographs that ill be posting about soon. Ive been putting off that post i the hops that one or two i have on order would show up but patience is a virtue when dealing with pre-order deals 🙂

Non-comics wise, things march ever on: work is long, tiring, stressful and not at all what i want to be doing with my life. not that its a bad job, far from it. its a very nice working environment, nice people, nice owner, nice pay…it’s just not where i need to be and that’s causing me some stress/anxiety problems. Thankfully nothing as bad as it has been.


A few friends and i have been playing weekly games of Star Wars X-Wing and we have really come to love it – its a table-top, miniatures based ‘dog-fighting’ game featuring ships from Star Wars. Its a lot of fun and it helps that the little ships are ultra-detailed and have inspired a bunch of players to repaint their ships with their own team colors or just a different color scheme all together: it’s something i would like to try but i have never done any kind of painting like that before. it would be a challenge but fun nonetheless.

i really need a car. i miss being able to take day trips out of town from time to time. i haven’t been to Magic Mountain in years and i really need a trip…soon. I miss rollercoasters badly. That’s my therapy and after my heart attack i wasn’t sure if i would be allowed on them again. I’d kind of like to ride a few more before i have another and i’m REALLY not going to be able to ride one.

And now its time to enjoy whats left of my weekend. I really need to be doing some cleaning but i just feel like being lazy and reading while on the couch. Ive been putting off giving the dog a bath – if nothing else i should do that today. Mabey is not a big fan of the bath and she’s a powerful little doggy so when she doesn’t want to be somewhere, she lets you know. I think both of us will be getting a bath.




small update and a goodbye…

no update in a long time but i felt the need to put something down even tho know there are not would i would call regular readers to this blog.

After a nice upswing, things are settling down nicely into a funk again. Work, home…there is no real escape or release; just an attempt to get through the day and get to the next one.

i did get a little puppy recently; she’s a sweetheart but still a very active puppy so we have a lot of training still to do. ill have to post some pics and videos because she is really cute 🙂

i’ve had many cool additions to the comic collection and i will eventually get around to another post. Besides friday night game night with my friends, my comic collection is the only other thing that brings me any joy. it’s very transparent that it something that i can focus on and control so i cling to it. Sometimes i wish i didn’t know anything about psychology…sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

also, i’ve recently fallen in love with Bob’s Burger’s…it didn’t click when i watched it when it premiered but now i’m hooked.

finally, i lost a dear friend last week. When i first moved to Fresno in 1989 i didn’t know anyone. the two people i spent the most time with Joe and Brice became my best friends and are still 2 people i’ve known’ longer than most. Brice moved across country a while back and we lost touch but he would always pop in every so often just to let us know he was still alive; he always called my mom Mom Two and we treated him like the member of the family he was.

Brice’s car ran off the road around 4 in the morning and since he was not wearing a seatbelt, was thrown from the car and killed. A friend sent me a link to the story and it was the first thing i got to read monday morning. I then got to try to fake care about car dealers and their inability to print their god damned loan documents all week.

I’m going to miss you, Brice. I’m sorry i wasn’t a better friend.

as always, thanks for reading.

jeff stiefer
Aug 31, 2013

beaten for now

“There is a girl in New York City
Who calls herself the human trampoline
And sometimes when I’m falling, flying
Or tumbling in turmoil I say
Oh, so this is what she means”
-Paul Simon, Graceland

i feel beat up today. Literally and figuratively. I took a spill on my bike Saturday night and didn’t really feel it until Sunday night when the bruises came out and the banged up muscles really started to yell.

work was another 8 hours of tech support. We were busy today. That job leaves me exhausted in a way i wasn’t prepared for. Today wasn’t really bad, but a annoying call early on set the mood and i was unable to crawl out of it completely. I still have no confidence in my ability to do my job. I had to take a xanax today so i was tired as hell all day; even the .25mg’s make you want to take a nap really bad. It helped keep the worst of the anxiety and dread at bay.

So im looking at a bottle of wine i was saving for a friend that could be there awhile by the looks of it. I want to crack it open and get really drunk and crawl into bed. Trouble is i want a cup of coffee too. i can’t have both. Chances are ill have neither. Even dinner is going to require the smallest of effort and i probably wont end up doing that either. I got nuthin left in the tank. Its time to just throw in the towel and call today a victory.

Not my victory however. Monday won. We will meet again.


The difference between pro and amateur…

Ladies – quick tip on choosing a wedding photographer: ask if they know what ‘white balance’ is…if they answer anything but ‘of course, what self respecting photographer doesn’t?’…then you need to keep looking…

EDIT: let me excuse the film photographers because it’s a little different beast…but if you find a pro shooting film, they might very well be better…

Upgraded ex

There is a girl in the store right now that looks like a much hotter version of my ex. Kinda weird. Like a comic book alt-universe version. But younger. And hotter.

…as much as I dislike my ex, I can’t stop looking at this girl; the similarities are striking.