It’s a bigger screen? We had it for years, why the hype?

I’m re-posting this from a comment I left on a friends Facebook page regarding Samsung giving Apple bullshit for just now releasing a larger screen and iPhone users apparent unwarranted excitement over a feature available on other phones.

I keep hearing how it’s people drinking the Apple Kool-Aid and not realizing this is a feature they could have had on other manufacturers phones a long time ago.

This completely misses the point.


Don’t think of it as people cheering the release of some new feature on a car: they are cheering the release of a specific desired feature on their car of choice. It has nothing to do with what Samsung or LG or any other company has done before them – iPhone users are happy because they are finally getting a larger screen that they’ve been wanting.

I keep hearing this complaint and it’s because people don’t grasp this fact about Apple and iPhone users.

The really funny thing though is that android users have become the new smug Mac users 🙂

“oh look automobiles now have heated seats!”

“oh look BMWs now have heated seats!”

See how those two sentences are not the same?



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