short and sweet tonight

my social media policy is as follows: you can say whatever stupid shit you want to on your own page and as long as you don’t come onto my side of the yard with nonsense, i won’t come onto your page and tell you you’re full of shit.

I had to fight hard tonight to not break that policy.

In an age of deeply divided partisan politics there has been a lot of mudslinging on both sides and with Facebook and twitter our political beliefs are on display like never before (coincidence that recent studies show we are more divided then ever?). This means people can find their echo chamber and live very comfortably inside with their like-minded friends. That doesn’t change the fact that facts are facts and when you get frothed up over something facts can dispute the rest of us look at you like you’re crazy.

just never let facts get in the way of a good bias or age getting in the way of acting like a child.

spread love and understanding, not blind hate and unchecked ignorance



Nap attack!

You never know where you’re going to be when a Nap Attack strikes 20140602-082513-30313029.jpg