System repairs.

The system has been undergoing some massive upgrades.

Years of running bad software and letting the hardware go to hell was causing countless problems. However after long last hard and soft is slowly but surely being replaced and upgraded. New and upgraded software means new features and new new projects will be possible that were not before. Additional anti-viral additions shunned for years are now incorporated successfully which should improve system stability significantly.

Hardware upgrades are slow coming as is their nature but they proceed accordingly. Better software will allow for a faster, easier hardware upgrade cycle. New tools and new methods will make the upgrades more pleasant and easier to implement and maintain.

The system was compromised to the point of being near a total crash. Abused, misused, poisoned, broken and hastily repaired there was a breaking point being quickly approached. Time will tell as the repairs are, as always, ongoing and uncertain but things are promising and I have help in ways I didn’t before.